Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Sharon Osbourne Says She Was Told She Was 'Not Repenting Enough'

Sharon Osbourne, the former reality star left the CBS daytime talk show following an ugly, on-air argument with co-host Sheryl Underwood, made an appearance Tuesday on SiriusXM's Megan Kelly Show, reports Yahoo! Entertainment. 

The on-air argument on The View March 10th began with Osbourne defending her friend Piers Morgan, who'd been accused of racism on his own show, Good Morning Britain, after verbal attacks against Meghan Markle. In the fallout, The Talk was put on hiatus as the network launched an internal investigation, Osbourne issued an apology and, on March 26, left the show altogether.

On Tuesday's episode of SiriusXM's The Megyn Kelly Show, Osbourne said that she had actually been the one who demanded that investigation in the first place. However, she said that it hadn't been carried out properly.

"When all of this happened, I went to HR and said, 'I want an investigation. I want to know who decided to do this. Why I was left out to dry [on the show] for 20 minutes. I want to know why,'" Osbourne said. "And so they did do the investigation, but it was, as usual with corporations like this, did they speak to my producer that was prepping me that morning? No, she was never interviewed. Did they speak to people who were in the booth directing the show? No. So they spoke to a few people. Did they speak to the cameramen? Did they speak to people on the floor? What was going on during the break? No. So they selectively chose certain people to talk to. It came back that I was very offensive the way I treated Sheryl, the way my behavior...."

She said that she was told that she was on "permanent suspension with no pay" and that she might not return at all.

Osbourne said she wanted to know who would make that decision.

"And they wouldn't tell me. And then HR said to me, 'We feel that you're not repenting enough. Where are you repenting? What are you doing? You have no ... your behavior around this is not appropriate for this situation.' So I told them all what I felt about them all. I told them about some dirt that had gone on at the company that I knew about. 

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