Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Colorado Springs Radio: Jeff Crank EXITS KVOR Over Mandate

After over 13 years as a host on KVOR 740 AM in Colorado Springs, Jeff Crank was told to walk away from the radio station’s microphone due to his failure to get a COVID vaccination, per Cumulus Media’s requirement for employees — a mandate Crank calls “unethical and immoral.”

“Recently Cumulus Media – which owns KVOR – instituted a forced employee vaccination policy nationwide,” wrote Crank on Facebook Saturday. “While I am not anti-vaccination, I am anti-tyranny and I told them that I find their policy unethical and immoral. I’ve already had coronavirus. I discussed the vaccine with my doctor and he recommended that I not take the vaccine at this time as there was very little risk to me contracting COVID and even less risk of having severe complications from COVID. I’m going to make my medical decisions after consultation with my doctor – and it won’t be forced onto me by the CEO of a company that I’ve never met or knows nothing about me.”

Reached via email by the Colorado Times Recorder, Crank — who is in the opinion business — said he can’t “advise people on whether or not they should get the vaccine,” adding that “if I hadn’t already had COVID and was in poor health or older than I am, I would have talked to my doctor, followed his advice, and would have taken the vaccine if that is what he thought best. … I am anti-tyranny.”

In his email, Crank decried the “shaming tactics employed by many in the media and those on the left.  Whatever happened to ‘my body, my choice?'”

Cumulus issued the vaccination requirement to employees Aug. 11, giving them until Oct. 11 to get the shot. Leading medical experts agree that vaccinations save lives. That’s the basis for the national mandate, announced after Cumulus’ made its decision to require vaccinations, that government workers and those at large businesses get vaccinated unless they get tested or obtain an exemption.

Crank wrote that the KVOR station manager informed him that, as a result of his refusal to provide proof of vaccination, Crank’s last show would be on Saturday. Crank discussed his decision on Saturday’s show.

“My voice will continue and so will the show. It just won’t be found on Cumulus Media. I hope you’ll continue to join me every Saturday morning at 7 am – or anytime you can- on the show,” he wrote on Facebook. “It can be found on Apple or Google podcasts on your phone by searching my name in the podcast app. Subscribe to the podcast, and we will continue as friends every week.”

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