Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Steve Harwell EXITS Smash Mouth

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Smash Mouth lead singer Steve Harwell is no longer a part of the band.

The 54-year-old rocker is retiring from music to deal with his physical and mental health, Harwell’s rep told The NY Post Tuesday.

“Steve has been dealing with long-term medical issues over the last eight years and during his last performance at the Big Sip stage, he suffered numerous symptoms directly linked with his current medical situation,” the rep said. “As of today, Steve will be retiring from Smash Mouth to focus on his physical and mental health.”

On Oct. 9, the band performed at the Big Sip festival in upstate New York where Harwell slurred his words, threatened the audience and gave some crude gestures to the crowd. The video was taken by a TikTok user who goes by the name Haley, who called it “chaotic.”

A source close to Harwell told The Post that he had one of his “episodes” while on stage, as seen in the viral video.

Harwell was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy eight years ago and has suffered from heart failure and acute Wernicke encephalopathy. The latter condition has greatly impacted his motor functions including speech and impaired his memory.

“Despite Steve’s best efforts to work through these ailments, he is heartbroken to share that it has become impossible for him to continue doing what he loves most, performing in front of the band’s millions of fans around the world,” his rep said.

Despite Harwell’s retirement, Smash Mouth will not be breaking up and will continue to perform as they search for a replacement.

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