Friday, December 28, 2018

Radio Listeners Are Resolute

As we gear up to close out the year, the making of New Year resolutions turns into a heated frenzy as we vow to be better. Should we eat healthier? Save more money? Travel more? Radio listeners have a lot to say about their New Year resolutions, and a lot of it plays out by age, format, and gender.

According to Westwood One citing a recent national study among 377 respondents, conducted by Maru/Vision Critical between November 9-November 18, 2018, radio listeners are hot to get healthy and not hot to make resolutions after a certain age:
  • The most popular resolutions for 2019 are: exercise more/improve fitness (42%), save more money (41%), and eat healthier (38%).
  • Nearly all of the New Year’s resolution skew younger towards Millennials 18-34. Maybe as consumers get older the mystique behind making New Year’s resolutions starts to fade.
  • Men are two times less likely to choose a New Year’s resolution for 2019 versus women. Still, the number one resolution for both demographics is to exercise more/improve fitness.
  • Improving fitness and health along with saving money also rose to the top among most frequent format listeners.
The study also showed that listeners of R&B, Hip Hop, and Soft Rock were more likely to make resolutions over listeners of Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Rock, Country, News/Talk, Sports, and Top 40. You can read more in the attached slides.

So enjoy the remaining holiday cookies and chocolate Santas while you have a few hours left. Happy New Year from Westwood One. The clock is ticking…

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