Friday, January 2, 2015

CNN Money: Three Media Predictions for 2015

There were glaring mistakes at big publications and mergers of major companies, according to CNN Money.

However, the shake-ups in 2014 could be the beginning of large shifts for the industry in 2015.

Top10 Media stories in 2014:

Here are CNN's three media predictions for the New Year:

1. 2015 will be the biggest box office year... ever

2. Stand alone HBO GO will be the tipping point for cord cutters

3. Streaming music is the future, whether Taylor Swift likes it or not: Much was made about the spat between Taylor Swift and Spotify after the pop star pulled her music from the service in November. While other artists have avoided streaming in the past, Swift was one of the first major artists to spurn streaming music in such a big way.

As we head into 2015, she may not be the last to do so.

However, with the Billboard 200 now counting streams, YouTube creating its own music service, and only one album achieving platinum status in 2014, the music industry is clearly moving towards a streaming future.

Artists like Swift may not like that, but as media showed us in 2014 it can't stop, won't stop moving forward.

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