Tuesday, December 30, 2014

SiriusXM Launches 'Resolution Radio'

SiriusXM has announced special programming to help listeners with their 2015 resolutions, offering tips, strategies and valuable self-improvement advice from a wide array of world-class expert hosts. The timely advice found on multiple SiriusXM channels spans the areas of health, spirituality, finances, family and beyond.

SiriusXM's "Resolution Radio" programming will be available on Joel Osteen Radio, Doctor Radio, Entertainment Weekly Radio, SiriusXM Stars, Road Dog Trucking, OutQ, Business Radio, and Kids Place Live. Hosts will welcome calls from listeners looking for support with their personal goals for 2015.

"Resolution Radio" programming will start on Thursday, January 1, 2015.

Doctor Radio powered by NYU Langone Medical Center (SiriusXM channel 81)
  • "Rehabilitative Medicine" - Host Jonathan Whiteson assists listeners to "kick the habit" with smoking cessation strategies. Monday, January 5
  • "Primary Care Medicine" - Dr. Marina Kurian will discuss finding the right exercise routine to get in shape in 2015. Wednesday, January 7
  • "Doctor Radio Reports" - Perri Peltz, veteran journalist, documentary filmmaker and public health advocate, will host "Resolution Solutions" exploring a variety of health and wellness goals for 2015. Thursday, January 8
  • "Nutrition and Exercise" - Samantha Heller, registered dietician, certified nutritionist and exercise physiologist presents healthy eating strategies to aid listeners in achieving weight loss goals. Friday, January 9
Joel Osteen Radio (SiriusXM channel 128) 
  • "A Night of Hope" - Joel Osteen welcomes 2015 with "A Night of Hope" live from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX.Friday, January 2 at 8:00 pm ET.
  • "Joel Osteen Live" - Join Joel Osteen as he shares inspiration and insights on how to have a closer walk with God throughout the New Year. Monday, January 5
  • "Victoria Osteen Live" - Victoria Osteen shares tips on being the best you can be for your family in 2015. Wednesday, January 7
Business Radio powered by Wharton (SiriusXM channel 111)
  • On New Year's Day, business, career and finance experts share their best advice for improving your professional and business life in 2015. Thursday, January 1
  • "Knowledge @ Wharton" - Host Dan Loney is joined by financial planner Eric Brotman for a conversation about financial resolutions. Monday, January 5
  • "Your Money" - Will cover the psychology behind making resolutions to "get out of debt." Tuesday, January 6
  • "Dot Complicated with Randi Zuckerberg" - Randi Zuckerberg will assist listeners resolving to be better with technology and social media. Wednesday, January 7
SiriusXM Stars (SiriusXM channel 109)
  • Celebrity host and parenting author, Jenny McCarthy, is joined by "The Moms," Denise Albert and Melissa Musen Gerstein to talk about being the best parent you can be in 2015. Monday, January 5
  • SiriusXM host and author Jenny Hutt will provide advice to listeners looking to lose weight in 2015. From apps to help listeners monitor their calories to the latest workouts, Jenny will kick off 2015 with a guide to getting the weight off and keeping it off. Wednesday, January 7
  • "Financially Fearless with Alexa von Tobel" – The Learnvest CEO takes listener questions about getting out of debt and saving more money in 2015. Thursday, January 8
Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM channel 105)
  • If your resolution is to get up-to-speed with the latest TV shows, movies, books and music, join "EW Morning Live" for a discussion about what you should be watching, reading and listening to in 2015. Monday, January 5
Road Dog Trucking (SiriusXM channel 146)
  • For truck drivers, Freewheelin' with Meredith Ochs and Chris T. will explore the many ways you can accomplish your health, financial and educational goals without ever leaving your truck. Tuesday, January 6
OutQ (SiriusXM 106)
  • For the LGBT community, on "Derek & Romaine," SiriusXM host Romaine Patterson encourages listeners to get involved in charities, advocacy groups and community-service projects.  Tuesday, January 6
Kids Place Live (SiriusXM channel 78)
  • Hosts Kenny Curtis and Absolutely Mindy help families set goals to spend more quality time together by sharing ideas to make the most of your time with the kids. Friday, January 9

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