Monday, December 29, 2014

Boston Radio: The Sports Hub #1 Men 25-54

CBS Radio's WBZ 98.5 FM The Sports Hub finished first and Entercom's WEEI 93.7 FM was third in the men 25-54 demographic for the three-month fall Nielsen Audio Ratings period of September 11-December 3.

The Sports Hub had a 10.5 share, while WEEI had 7.0. Rock station WZLX, also owned by CBS Radio, was second (7.4), reports

It's the 10th straight three-month period that the Sports Hub has been the top-rated sports station in the market.

In morning drive, The Sports Hub's Toucher and Rich program regained the top spot, earning an 11.4 share. WEEI's Dennis and Callahan program, which also includes third host Kirk Minihane, was strong second with a 9.7.

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