Thursday, November 7, 2013

FCC Hands Out EAS Alert Sound Fines

The FCCissued a $25,000 fine on Wednesday against Turner Broadcasting System for using emergency alert sounds in a promotion for Conan O'Brien's late night talk show.

The FCC also reached agreement with Kentucky television station WNKY-TV for apparent misuse of the actual Emergency Alert System. The complaint alleged misuse of the EAS Attention Signal in an advertisement for “The Fan Wear & More Store.”

The "Conan" promotion used the emergency weather tones to gain attention for a commercial promoting Jack Black's appaerarance on April 26, 2012, according to the FCC.

“Today’s enforcement action sends a strong message: the FCC will not tolerate misuse or abuse of the Emergency Alert System,” said Enforcement Bureau Acting Chief Robert H. Ratcliffe. “It is inexcusable to trivialize the sounds specifically used to notify viewers of the dangers of an incoming tornado or to alert them to be on the lookout for a kidnapped child, merely to advertise a talk show or a clothing store. This activity not only undermines the very purpose of a unique set of emergency alert signals, but is a clear violation of the law."

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