Thursday, November 7, 2013

Madison Radio: Personality Abby Rhodes Robbed

Abby Rhodes
Madison radio personality Abby Rhodes survived a violent, armed robbery, but regrets her bold actions after the thief put a gun to her head.

"I just saw the gun, right here," Rhodes, the mid-day host at WMAD 96.3 FM Star Country, tells 27 News, referring to her temple.

Police officials say a man surprised Rhodes in a business' parking lot Monday just after 5 p.m.

Rhodes tells 27 News she felt the man grab her purse, as she spoke to a friend on her cell phone. Even after she saw the gun pointed at her, Rhodes struggled with the man, falling to the ground, as the man eventually yanked the purse out of her hand and took off.

"She started screaming," Rhodes' friend Katie Sommers says. Sommers was on the other end of the cell phone call, in Florida. "It was horrible."

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Rhodes suffered bruises and cuts, and an injured elbow. She tells 27 News she acted on instinct, but says the lingering emotion over her tense experience involves the criminal's hand gun.

"I was very lucky that he chose not to use that gun," Rhodes says.

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