Monday, November 4, 2013

Chicago Radio: Group Aims to Stop Violent, Explicit Lyrics

Calling it the “Clear the Airwaves Project,” protesters are trying to stop two Chicago radio stations from playing music with violent, misogynist and explicitly sexual lyrics, according to writer Mary Mitchell at The Sun-Times.

For the past several months, protesters have gathered outside a black-owned McDonald’s on the South Side with protest signs warning patrons that their children are being poisoned by a steady diet of soft porn and violence.

“We feel that the music being played on the radio is influencing our children and is detrimental and should be for adults only,” said Kwabena Rasuli, founder of the campaign.

“This is music that encourages girls to be strippers and young men to kill each other, to pop mollies or Ecstasy pills, and to be unrealistically materialistic,” Rasuli said.

“In about 90 percent of the songs, they drop the n-bombs and in about 80 percent, they are calling our sisters the b-word.”

He began his crusade outside of WPWX-92.3 FM in Hammond, Ind., five years ago. Rasuli accused the Hammond station, along with Clear Channel’s WGCI-107.5 FM, of playing music so “vile” it should not be on the radio.

In a written statement, Angela Ingram, vice president of communications for Clear Channel, said WGCI “is always open to having dialogue with members of the community and listening to their concerns.”

No study has found a cause-and-effect link between violent rap videos and the increased homicides and violence among youth.

But common sense should tell us that it is not healthy emotionally for young people to be rocking out to songs about shooting people.

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