Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Art Bell Quits SiriusXM

Art Bell
Art Bell, the radio icon that joined the SiriusXM line-up on September 16th is leaving the air after just a month and a half, according to the blog SiriusXM Buzz.

While passionate satellite radio fans may not want to hear it, his reasons for leaving boiled down to three main things:
  • SiriusXM’s web player is notoriously unreliable, causing a loss of subscribers and a degraded listening experience for those who remain listening online.
  • For a “caller driven” show, the caller pool for Art’s show is just too small.
  • International listeners have no legitimate way to hear the show.
This is not the first time issues relating to the Internet platform offered up by SiriusXM have been heard. There have been a host of issues from the functionality to being booted off, to having longer shows reset from the beginning after an hour and a half, making it almost impossible to listen to a 2 hour show on demand.

When signed by SiriusXM, Bell had only glowing things to say:

“SiriusXM is the perfect fit for me and my new show Art Bell’s Dark Matter,” said Art Bell. “Though invisible, dark matter accounts for gravitational forces observed in the universe—expect these forces to be at work in the uncensored, unrestricted creative arena of satellite radio, a medium with truly extraterrestrial reach.”

It would appear that after just a short period of time, second thoughts emerged.

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