Thursday, November 7, 2013

San Diego Radio: J.D. Hayworth Sues The Mighty 1090

J.D. Hayworth
Former Arizona congressman and Phoenix media personality J.D. Hayworth has sued XEPRS The Mighty 1090 in San Diego. Hayworth has sued Broadcast Company of the Americas, LLC after being fired from San Diego sports station XEPRS-1090 AM.

He was part of the Hacksaw and Hayworth morning show on the sport station.

Hayworth, a former U.S. congressman from Arizona who had worked as a political commentator on radio stations in Phoenix and San Francisco, was lost talking sports. Writer John Maffie at says Hayworth was especially lost trying to match wits with Hamilton.

Hired on March 8, Hayworth was dismissed on Aug. 30, six months into a two-year deal. As a result, Hayworth has filed a lawsuit against the Broadcast Company of the Americas, LLC — 1090’s parent company.

The suit claims that “Defendant (1090) induced plaintiff (Hayworth) to accept co-host position of a morning radio show and to relocate from Arizona to California under promises of a guaranteed two-year term of employment and compensation package. Defendant then unilaterally terminated plaintiff’s employment without giving him any opportunity to cure any alleged breach or violation.”

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