Friday, January 25, 2013

Tampa Radio Trial: Michelle Schnitt "Unsafe" At Home

Michelle Schnitt
Testimony Friday continued with Schnitt’s Attorny Charles Campbell questioning Michelle Schnitt, a former prosecutor with the Hillsborough State Attorney’s Office.

A story at reports, she denied having anything to do with the arrest of Clem of animal cruelty charges in 2001, which Clem has alleged during his show. She also testified about Clem calling her a “whore” on the air and by Clem’s followers, known as “Bubba’s Army.”

“He meant to imply that I was sexually promiscuous and unfaithful to my husband,” Michelle Schnitt said of Clem. “It was the most disrespectful thing you could say about somebody.”

After the comments were made by Clem, she said she was worried about public reaction. She also said she was called “whore” by fans of Clem’s show in public on several occasions.

Under cross-examination, Michelle Schnitt said her family began to feel unsafe after their home was egged. She said they did not report the incident because they did not want their address to be made public.

Schnitt quit practicing law to spend more time with her children but testified Clem’s comments have harmed her professional reputation.

Schnitt, responding to jury inquiries, said she received no compensation for her occasional appearances on her husband’s show.

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