Monday, September 20, 2021

Media Mocked For Hyping 'Dud' Rally

Analysts tore into the mass media who hyped the potential danger of Saturday's rally in Washington, D.C., only to find that the actual attendees were outnumbered by the police and the press. 

The media frequently reported on the danger of the "Justice for J6" rally, suggesting it would be the sequel to the deadly Jan. 6 riot on Capitol Hill the day Congress intended to certify the results of the November 2020 election. A heavy law enforcement presence was put in place in hopes of preventing another violent scene. Authorities erected temporary fencing around the Capitol and deployed heavy dump trucks to ring the rally site, while local police departments and the National Guard were on standby.

One person was arrested in the crowd for carrying a knife and a second man was arrested after someone reported to officers that they saw him carrying what appeared to be a handgun, police said.

But the rally did not turn violent and the awkward ratio of participants to press became clear to reporters as soon as the event got underway.

Critics mocked the media for "literally" making the rally bigger than it was.

"The scary MAGA protest which DHS, CNN and MSNBC spent weeks were hysterically warning could be another 1/6 and that (the newly massively funded) Capitol Police cited to install maximum security," journalist Glenn Greenwald tweeted.

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