Monday, September 20, 2021

Delta Data Updated: Stations Events

NuVoodoo Research has updated their information on vaccinations and event attendance with a NuVoodoo Quick Turn Study of 1,854 adults 18-64 nationwide, balanced by age, gender and geography, fielded September 9-10, 2021. In this snapshot, 47% of the sample is fully vaccinated and a 57% majority is at least partially vaccinated – and 38% are vaccination resistant or still researching vaccinations.

Underlying attitudes about event attendance vary by location, climate, demographics and many other factors, but we wanted to arm station management, programming and promotions teams with how people are feeling about attending events. We paired off indoor and outdoor versions of events you deal with on a regular basis: concerts, bar events, and expos/home shows/etc.

In terms of definite attendance, outdoor concerts turn out a predicted 36% of our sample – compared to 30% for indoor concerts. You can generate greater attendance among those at least partially vaccinated by requiring proof of vaccination, but that will threaten or exclude those who are as yet unvaccinated.

Framing the event as either an indoor event at a bar or an event in an outdoor beer garden yielded similar results: a beer garden event would get predicted attendance from 37% of our sample and an indoor bar event would garner 30%. Again, more of those at least partially-vaccinated will turn out if the event requires proof of vaccination.

Asking respondents to imagine an indoor event at a convention center (car show, home show, etc.) versus an outdoor expo or fair, generated similar percentages: partially-vaccinated respondents being more attracted to the event if it required proof of vaccination; the unvaccinated minority being more willing to attend; and more attending the outdoor version of the event overall.

Last week’s cancellation of the October NAB event underscored the value of virtual attendance options wherever possible. Virtual won’t work to replace every event experience, but it can be an attendance-widening addition in many cases – and an insurance policy in others.

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