Thursday, August 26, 2021

The US Leads In Podcast Production and Penetration

Podcast listening is on the rise globally with highest penetration rates in English-speaking markets. The US leads worldwide both in terms of production and penetration, but listener growth is rising the fastest in China, according to eMarketer.

Other English-speaking countries have highest podcast adoption. Sweden, Norway, Australia, and Canada round out the top five countries in terms of podcast listening adoption.

China, Japan, and South Korea have the lowest podcast listener penetration of the markets we forecast.

YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts are the top three biggest platforms globally with YouTube performing particularly strong in markets with a smaller native podcast market.

Language barriers affect available content. English-language speakers have much more content available to them than non-English speakers with the bulk of that content coming from US podcasts.

Looking ahead: In international markets with successful traditional radio programs, there's a large movement towards repurposing radio shows into on-demand podcast content. Podcast listening will continue to grow worldwide, but English-speaking markets already have a massive head start.

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