Friday, August 27, 2021

Boston Radio: WEEI's Glenn Ordway Signs-Off

Glenn Ordway (Boston Globe Photo)

Glenn Ordway has left WEEI. The legendary New England sports talker bid the audience and his OMF co-hosts goodbye on Thursday, reports Barretts Sports Media.

Ordway announced in June that he was planning to retire. He waited until after the station’s annual Jimmy Fund Radio Telethon to make it official and walk away.

“It was a blast doing this show. It has just come to a point for me, you know, you gotta watch four games every night and you’ve got to study. Everyone thinks you have an easy job,” Ordway said during his final segment alongside Lou Merloni and Christian Fauria. “It’s a lot of commitment.”

Ordway’s tenure at WEEI began in 1987 when he came to the station along with the Boston Celtics’ radio broadcast. He was at the station until 2013. He returned a year later.

“I have emotional ties to this radio station. I was there from day one,” Glenn Ordway said on Thursday, explaining that he will not be completely absent from WEEI. He is still planning to be a part of New England Patriots gameday broadcasts. He will also be a part of special projects for the station.

“He was the station’s first program director and oversaw some of the most dominant years in Boston radio,” Audacy Regional President Mark Hannon said during the summer. “He has been an enduring on-air presence and has been side-by-side talking to Boston sports fans through the best and worst times. Glenn will go down as one of the most influential players in sports radio format history, and thankfully his presence will continue on the station into the future.”

As Thursday’s episode of OMF came to an end, Ordway thanked Merloni and Fauria, saying he is happy that they became friends off the air and expects their relationship to continue. He also shined a spotlight on Doug Lane, who he called “by far, the best technical producer in the business.”

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