Friday, August 27, 2021

Glenn Beck Says U-S Blocking Efforts To Save Afghan Christians

Syndicated radio talk host Glenn Beck has claimed the US State Department is blocking his efforts to rescue Afghan Christians from being burned alive or crucified.

The Daily Mail reports Beck told Tucker Carlson that he is currently in a Muslim Middle Eastern country, and that his organization, the Nazarene Fund, has flown 5,100 Christians and other refugees, out of Afghanistan since it fell to the Taliban earlier this month. 

The broadcaster refused to say which country he was in, or name two other Muslim countries he says have accepted his refugees, over fears the US State Department will hobble his rescue operation.  

Beck also said Islamic countries - which he refused to name over fears of US government meddling - had been far more welcoming to the people he'd saved than America. 

He said: 'I mean, it's really interesting. We have open borders and closed airports. One group of people are exploited, raped, and killed by drug cartels and the other group of people are raped, exploited or crucified by terrorists. It seems to be a pattern with the Biden administration.' 

The broadcaster said Thursday morning he had about 500 refugees - mainly women and children - get through the gate to board one of the Nazarene Fund's flights, only to be told by a United States soldier to go back.

'We believe that our state department is directly responsible for what we believe were some of these people,' Beck told Fox News, 'I don't know how many survived.'

'The State Department has blocked us every step of the way,' he continued. 

Beck answered: 'This country that I'm in, I begged them last night to let me tell them -- tell the world who they are. They have more compassion for these Christians than our American government. It is insulting, embarrassing, and wrong. 

'So I believe what our government is doing now is out and out evil.' 

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