Saturday, August 28, 2021

Kabul: Glenn Beck Offering Aid To Afghan Christians

As the United States government struggles to evacuate American citizens and Afghan allies from Kabul before its Aug. 31 deadline, private nonprofits are stepping up to save persecuted people of faith.

Deseret News reports thousands of Afghan Christians have left Afghanistan with the help of nongovernmental organizations, including The Nazarene Fund, which is led by Operation Underground Railroad’s Tim Ballard and syndicated radio personality Glenn Beck, among others.

Beck is currently in the Middle East assisting with these evacuation flights, and he’s been offering regular updates about his efforts on social media and his radio show.

Attacks on the Biden administration are sprinkled throughout Beck’s posts. The media personality alleges that the U.S. government is doing more to hinder than to help The Nazarene Fund’s rescue missions.

Reporting from World magazine, Catholic News Agency and other outlets has similarly emphasized headaches created by bureaucratic red tape.

Nadine Maenza, chairwoman of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, told World that communication problems between different governmental agencies have left Afghan Christians in the lurch.

“At this point we are having to run operations against our own government to get people into the airport,” she said.

Similarly, Nina Shea, director of the Center for Religious Freedom at the Hudson Institute, told Catholic News Agency, that she’s been directing people in need to Beck’s organization rather than to American officials.

“I’ve started receiving panicked emails from Afghan Christians through their Western contacts. They are not being allowed to board USG (U.S. government) flights in Kabul. I’m advising them to try to board Glenn Beck’s flights instead,” she said.

Christians are among those endangered by Taliban rule because of the group’s commitment to an extreme form of Islam. Earlier this month, Taliban leaders reportedly sent letters to Afghan churches saying, “We know who you are and we’re coming for you.”

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