Friday, October 25, 2013

Chicago Radio: Dahl to Skip HOF Induction

Dahl, Meier
Chicago radio legend Steve Dahl won’t be in attendance when he and former partner Garry Meier are inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame, according to Media write Robert Feder.

Dahl said Thursday he’s decided not to attend the black-tie ceremony Nov. 9 at the Museum of Broadcast Communications, citing his “general disinterest in the proceedings” and chiding Meier for not returning his phone call to discuss the event in advance.

Meier, currently at WGN 720 AM,  previously notified Radio Hall of Fame chairman Bruce DuMont that he would attend.

Slated to induct the duo is Greg Solk, senior vice president of programming for Hubbard Radio. Solk began his career as a 16-year-old producer for Dahl and Meier’s morning show and later became their program director and station manager.

In his first comment since this year’s Radio Hall of Fame honorees were announced last June, here’s what Dahl told Feder:
“I wanted no part of it until Greg Solk told me he got roped into inducting us. He said he didn’t want to do it if I wasn’t there, so I called Garry and left him a voicemail. I said it might be fun, but only if we did something together. He never returned my call. I asked Jim deCastro [president and general manager of WGN AM 720] to check into it for me. It’s been two weeks and even Jim has been unable to prevail. 
“They used a shit picture of me, I’d have to buy a $5,000 table for my family, and they want to approve my 90-second acceptance speech. All of that combined with my general disinterest in the proceedings has made me anxious to stay home and listen to Garry explain how he got there — and why — in his allotted minute and a half. 
“Maybe I’ll buy an ad in the program to promote my podcast.”
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