Monday, September 17, 2012

Opinion: What's Wrong with Hip Hop Music

Hey radio stations, stop playing the same 5 artists. There may be 10, but you know what I mean. If commercial radio is complaining about losing listeners and money, one would think they would change the formula a little bit. It’s a form of brainwashing that great minds have used for evil. Jim Jones, (The Peoples Temple) had his voice heard throughout Jonestown over loud speakers. Nowadays, people are conditioned to like certain artists by succumbing to these repeating messages. “Yolo” is a prime example. The voice becomes so recognizable because radio is such a huge avenue for extreme consumption. Try going 3 songs without hearing Drake on the radio. It seems impossible right now, but radio needs more variety to expand its brand. 
The last point about radio stations and their over indulgence on the select few, are DJ’s. There used to be a time when they would actually try to break a record. Bringing something new to the game was expected and appreciated. Most of these DJ’s won’t even try to incorporate something refreshing to hear. It would be better if they actually liked the songs they were playing. They’re just going with the flow and playing artists that musically don’t deserve it.

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