Thursday, May 26, 2022

Salem Signs Julie Hartman In A Three Pronged Deal

Salem Media Group, Inc.  announced today that it has signed newly graduated Harvard University student Julie Hartman to a three pronged deal involving Salem Podcast Network, Salem News Channel, and Salem Radio Network.

“Julie represents a new generation of young media professionals, and we are adding some to the Salem platform, proving that even at Harvard you can come out a conservative if you keep your wits about you,” said Salem Senior Vice President of Spoken Word, Phil Boyce. “Her story is compelling and even riveting, and will probably be a book and a movie someday.”

Julie will start in September, hosting 2 shows every weekend on Salem News Channel, three podcasts a week on the Salem Podcast Network, and sub hosting on various Salem Radio Network programs.

Julie Hartman
As a sophomore in college, she sensed that most of her life she was exposed to one perspective. Searching for a non-left understanding of America, she found Dennis Prager’s book “Still the Best Hope,” his major work that explains both the left and America. As a result, she realized she actually held many conservative beliefs. She wrote to Dennis to tell him how much his work influenced her and he invited her to visit him in his Los Angeles radio studio.

Julie became a regular guest on the Prager radio show, explaining how college students are indoctrinated with liberal philosophies in colleges across the country, including Harvard. By the end of the summer she had grown into a substitute host on the program, later doing a weekly podcast called “Dennis and Julie.”

“Despite her young age, Julie Hartman has become one of the most important people in my life,” said Prager. “Every generation seems to produce a tiny handful of brilliant and morally clear people who are also courageous fighters. She is one of them. I thank God I found her,” said Prager.

The “Dennis and Julie Podcast” is heard every week on the Salem Podcast Network and can be viewed on YouTube, and Rumble.

“I am honored that Salem Radio Network has entrusted me with this responsibility,” said Julie. “Finding Dennis Prager's work and getting to know him has illuminated my life's vocation. Because of him, I've been able to collaborate with many other remarkably talented people at Salem. My generation needs courageous, independent, truth-telling voices. My goal is to be among the best of them,” added Julie.

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