Tuesday, May 24, 2022

May 24 Radio History

➦In 1844...Samuel F.B. Morse gave the first public demonstration of his telegraph by sending a message from the Supreme Court Chamber in the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. to the B&O Railroad "outer depot" (now the B&O Railroad Museum) in Baltimore. The famous message was, "What hath God wrought?"

➦In 1915...Thomas Edison invents telescribe to record telephone conversations

➦In 1935...The Mutual Broadcasting System network aired its inaugural live event—the first-ever night baseball game, between the Cincinnati Reds and the Philadelphia Phillies. That October, the network began a decades-long run as broadcaster of baseball's World Series, with airtime responsibilities shared between WGN's Bob Elson and Quin Ryan and WLW's Red Barber (NBC and CBS also carried the series that year; the Fall Classic would air on all three networks through 1938).

➦In 1958…Formally named "United Press Associations" for incorporation and legal purposes, but publicly known and identified as United Press or UP, the news agency was created by the 1907 uniting of three smaller news syndicates. It became United Press International after absorbing the International News Service (INS). As either UP or UPI, the agency was among the largest newswire services in the world, competing domestically for about 90 years with the Associated Press and internationally with AP, Reuters and Agence France-Presse.

➦In 1963...The Beatles recorded the first program of their own BBC radio series, “Pop Go the Beatles”. The theme song was a version of “Pop Goes the Weasel”.

➦In 1981...Radio, TV Actor and personality George Jessel, who often performed with the nickname “America’s Toastmaster General,” died after a heart attack at age 83.

➦In 2008...Comedian Dick Martin, a co-star with Dan Rowan on NBC TV’s iconic “Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In”, died of respiratory problems at age 86.  Early in his career, Martin was a staff writer for Duffy's Tavern, a radio situation comedy.

➦In 2011…Veteran personality Hugh Copland died at age 79.  He had stints at WJJJD-AM and WAIT-AM in Chicago, WXYZ-AM and WWJ-TV in Detroit.

Bob Dylan is 81

  • Jazz saxophonist Archie Shepp is 85. 
  • Comedian Tommy Chong of Cheech and Chong is 84. 
  • Musician Bob Dylan is 81. 
  • Actor Gary Burghoff (“MASH”) is 79. 
  • Singer Patti LaBelle is 78. 
  • Actor Priscilla Presley is 77. 
  • Country singer-songwriter Mike Reid is 75. 
  • Actor Jim Broadbent (“Moulin Rouge,” ″Iris”) is 73. 
  • Actor Alfred Molina is 69. 
  • Singer Rosanne Cash is 67. 
  • Actor Cliff Parisi (“Call the Midwife”) is 62. 
  • Rosanne Cash is 67
    Actor Kristin Scott Thomas is 62. 
  • Bassist Jimmy Ashhurst of Buckcherry is 59. 
  • Keyboardist Vivian Trimble (Luscious Jackson) is 59. 
  • Actor John C. Reilly (“Chicago,” “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story”) is 57. 
  • Actor Dana Ashbrook (“Twin Peaks”) is 55. 
  • Actor Eric Close (“Nashville,” ″Without A Trace”) is 55. 
  • Actor Carl Payne (“Martin,” ″The Cosby Show”) is 53. 
  • Guitarist Rich Robinson (The Black Crowes) is 53. 
  • Actor Dash Mihok (“Silver Linings Playbook”) is 48. 
  • Actor Bryan Greenberg (film’s “Bride Wars,” TV’s “One Tree Hill”) is 44. 
  • Actor Billy L. Sullivan (“Something So Right”) is 42. 
  • Actor-rapper Big Tyme is 41. 
  • Drummer Cody Hanson of Hinder is 40. 
  • Dancer Mark Ballas (“Dancing With the Stars”) is 36. 
  • Country singer Billy Gilman is 34. 
  • Rapper G-Eazy is 33. 
  • Actor Cayden Boyd (“The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl”) is 28.

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