Saturday, October 30, 2021

Spotify 'Car Thing' Struggling To Meet Demand

Spotify fans hoping to get their hands on a Spotify Car Thing will need to be patient – more than two million people have signed up to the wait list to buy the in-car entertainment device, reports

According to Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, "the no.1 constraint for us at this particular moment... is chip shortages. We just can't make enough [Car Things] to get them out there to consumers".

Sound familiar? Recent chip shortages have led to a lack digital cameras, electric cars smartphones and, of course, games consoles.

Spotify began offering Car Thing to its Premium subscribers on an "invite only" basis in April, before launching it on a "limited" basis two weeks ago. The $80 device lets you play Spotify in your car without taking out your phone. 

The gadget works in a similar fashion to Amazon's Echo Auto; you can speak to control Car Thing using voice search – just say "Hey Spotify" followed by your request and it'll do the rest. There's also a physical dial that allows you to scroll through menus and select items, or you can use the touchscreen.

Car Thing is currently only available in the US and is unlikely to launch in the UK or Australia anytime soon, what with the chip shortage and the lengthy waiting list. If you just have to have a Spotify Car Thing, click the 'Put me on the list' button here. 

Elsewhere, the Swedish music streaming giant has said it will launch Spotify HiFi, it's long-anticipated entry into CD-quality streaming, this year.

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