Saturday, October 30, 2021

Talker Dan Bongino vs. Cumulus Seems To Be A Stand-Off

Radio host  and TV host Dan Bongino's standoff with Cumulus Media over the broadcast giant's vaccine mandate continued Friday with The Dan Bongino Show's fifth straight absence from the airwaves.  Bonino's radio show is syndicated by Cumulus Media's Westwood One division.

Bongino opened Friday on his podcast, which is separate from his live radio show,  talking about the future of his radio show in quite uncertain terms. Bongino made the comments as he was discussing an idea he had for the program, but said he'd do it "if and when I get back to" the radio show. 

Bongino, who has been in "best of" mode this week after speaking out against the company's vaccine mandate, continued to do so. He urged his audience, "Do not kneel before these leftist tyrants." And he gave the "double-barrel middle finger" to those who are not in favor of speaking out about election results and vaccine mandates.  On another podcasts espisode earlier this weekend Bongino  said negotiations with Cumulus were turning "ugly". Reruns of his show have been aired in his slot instead of a live show this entire week.

On Friday's podcast Bongino said President Trump will be joining him on his podcast on Election Day Tuesday.

The former Secret Service agent turned commentator is opposed to vaccination mandates on the grounds of bodily autonomy, although he himself is vaccinated.

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