Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Radio Audiences Surge Y2Y

Last week, Nielsen released the Spring 2021 “Nationwide” report. In addition, Nielsen is releasing the August 2021 Portable People Meter data from the top 50 markets. Both reports show strong recovery in AM/FM radio audiences. This week’s Westwood One blog highlights the key findings.

This week’s Westwood One blog outlines the key takeaways:
  • Nielsen Nationwide: AM/FM radio’s Spring 2021 AQH audiences are up +7% versus Spring 2020 and rock steady versus Fall 2020.
  • Extraordinary female audience recovery: Compared to Spring 2020, the just-released Spring 2021 Nationwide survey reveals AQH listening surged +11% among women 18-49 and grew an eye-popping +13% among women 25-54.
  • AM/FM radio’s share of listening among women (47%) has returned to pre-COVID norms: During the Spring 2020 lockdown, female listening dropped to 45% of persons 25-54 time spent. In the just-released Spring 2021 Nationwide, the share of female listening has returned back to its typical 47%.
  • August 2021 Portable People Meter: Black and Hispanic audiences surge: Comparing the 48 just-released PPM markets to the prior year August 2020 survey, there are significant increases in Black (+7%) and Hispanic (+6%) AQH listening. August 2020 to August 2021 saw total growth among persons 25-54 at +2% and growth among persons 35-64 at +4%.
  • August 2021 PPM: Out-of-home AM/FM radio listening has returned to pre-COVID levels.

Diary markets never experienced COVID audience erosion as AM/FM radio listening is remarkably steady: AQH listening in in the 44 continuous diary markets has been incredibly stable over the last 20 months. Benchmarking AQH listening to the pre-COVID Jan-Feb-March 2020 survey reveals AM/FM radio listening levels are unchanged in the most recent May-June-July 2021 survey.

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