Friday, March 22, 2019

Talk Host Michael Savage Celebrates 25-Years

Westwood One, America’s largest audio network, announces that legendary broadcaster Dr. Michael Savage is celebrating his 25th anniversary in talk radio this Sunday, March 24, 2019. Dr. Savage, host of the popular The Savage Nation broadcast and podcast, which have millions of dedicated listeners, is a National Radio Hall of Fame broadcaster and the author of more than 25 books, including several New York Times best-sellers.

Westwood One will honor Dr. Savage’s silver anniversary with a special program airing on Monday, March 25. The special will feature clips of highlights over the years, special call-ins, and other surprises.

Michael Savage
During his radio career, Dr. Savage has revolutionized the industry by combining timely political content with real-life issues including health, science, religion, culture, and more. In January, Dr. Savage advanced radio again by launching a new hybrid radio show and podcast. The Savage Nation podcast has already been named to Apple's New and Noteworthy podcasts and had one of the most successful podcast debuts in News & Talk.

Reflecting on his accomplishments, Dr. Savage said, “This has been my 5th career. Social worker, teacher, medicinal plant explorer, author, talk show host. Where have all the years gone? I only hope I have made the world a better place.“

“From broadcast to podcast, Dr. Savage has a unique ability to connect with listeners and engage them in conversation that offers genuine insight and circumspection. His work has made a monumental impact on American culture,” said Suzanne Grimes, Executive Vice President, Marketing for CUMULUS MEDIA and President, Westwood One. “We are proud to partner with Dr. Savage and we send a very heartfelt congratulations on this special anniversary.”

Over the years, Dr. Savage’s radio broadcasts evolved from strictly politics to commentary on news and other hot topics. His passion to unearth the truth and his unparalleled stand for America’s families has made him one of the most important figures in the fight for free speech and ideals in America today. In 2007, Talkers Magazine awarded Savage with the publication's annual "Freedom of Speech Award.” Some of his most memorable interviews and callers include the inventor of the neutron bomb Samuel Cohen and Joe, a man who considered taking his own life before Savage dissuaded him and sent him $20,000.

Dr. Savage holds a master’s degree in medical botany and a second in medical anthropology. Additionally, he earned his PhD. from the University of California at Berkeley in epidemiology and nutrition sciences. He is an ardent conservationist, is dedicated to his family and is a proud patriot of his country. In June, HarperCollins will release his latest work, A Savage Life, featuring favorite stories and all-new, never published material.

For more information about Michael Savage programming on Westwood One, contact Stuart Greenblatt at or (212) 419-2946.

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