Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tampa Radio: Steve Duemig Off Air At Sports WDAE

Steve Duemig
Longtime WDAE-AM sports talk host Steve Duemig didn’t appear for his 3 p.m. show Monday and may not show up for a while, sidelined by a dispute over contract negotiations with executives from owner Clear Channel Radio, according to Eric Deggans at tampabay.com.

Big Dog Duemig says his deal allows for negotiating with other companies 60 days before the agreement ends in May. But Clear Channel executives pressured him to sign before that window opens, perhaps to keep him from talking to rivals such as CBS Radio, owner of the area’s first FM sports talk station, Sportsradio 98.7 the Fan.

“They’re benching me and paying me,” said the 58-year-old Duemig, who told fans on Facebook and Twitter that he wouldn’t be on air Monday, after Clear Channel executives notified him at noon. “I’m still under contract; ready, willing and able to work.”

Executives from Clear Channel could not be reached for comment. But Duemig’s name seemed to be removed from the station website by Monday evening.

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  1. Dumeig sucks! So depressing to listen to. Bye Bye