Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Former TV Journalist To Challenge AOC

Former CNBC cable TV journalist Michelle Caruso-Cabrera filed the paperwork this week to take on firebrand Queens Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in this year’s Democratic primary for the 14th Congressional District in Queens and The Bronx, the NY Post reports.

Caruso-Cabrera boasts a similarly hardscrabble story of growing up in New York to AOC’s — she says she once worked as a waitress while the 30-year-old congresswoman was employed as a bartender.

Caruso-Cabrera has even chosen a similar moniker — wanting to be known as MCC.

On her Twitter page, Caruso-Cabrera said she’s running to “fight for the people of Queens & the Bronx.”

Caruso-Cabrera apparently plans to make that fight with a more conservative philosophy than AOC.

While the sitting congresswoman is a proud democratic socialist who backs Bernie Sanders, MCC has named Ronald Reagan as her favorite president and even published a book on small government in 2010 titled: “You Know I’m Right: More Prosperity, Less Government.”

In the book, she knocks the policies of Democrats and Republicans alike. “I want a government that stays out of my pocketbook and stays out of my public life. I find it frustrating that the Democrats think I want to keep paying for their big government and endless spending projects,” she wrote.

Fluent in Spanish, Caruso-Cabrera, 53, was a reporter and anchor at CNBC for more than 20 years, covering news in Cuba, Iran, Ukraine, Iraq, Italy, Russia and Latin American, according to her campaign Web site.

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