Thursday, February 13, 2020

S-F Radio: KGO Goes Live Mornings, A&G Move To KSFO

CUMULUS MEDIA announces that its legendary San Francisco talk radio stations KGO and KSFO will each debut new morning shows on Monday, March 2, 2020.

Popular nationally syndicated radio program, The Armstrong & Getty Show will move from KGO 810 AM to KSFO 560 AM and will be heard weekdays from 6:00am to 9:00 am PST.
Concurrently, KGO welcomes The Morning Show with Nikki Medoro to its morning lineup, airing weekdays from 6:00am to 10:00am PST. Veteran newsman Bret Burkhart joins host Nikki Medoro to deliver a dynamic new morning show to Bay Area listeners.

Doug Harvill, Vice President and Market Manager for Cumulus San Francisco, said: “Nikki Medoro is a compelling and proven talk show host. Her upbeat and engaging personality makes her the perfect fit to take over mornings on KGO. She’ll team with veteran news anchor Bret Burkhart to deliver an entertaining, informative and interactive morning show. At the same time, Armstrong and Getty have established a very dedicated and loyal Bay Area audience that will follow them to sister station KSFO.”

Lee Hammer, Operations Manager, Cumulus San Francisco, and KGO/KSFO Program Director, said: “Nikki has done a tremendous job working with Chip Franklin in afternoon drive, and she’s earned this opportunity to host mornings on KGO. Nikki and Bret will bring a fresh approach to the day’s news, both locally and nationally. They’ll also invite the Bay Area’s listeners to join the conversation and share their opinions.”

Armstrong & Getty
Hammer added: “I’m also excited that Armstrong and Getty will be staying in our station family, just moving down the dial to KSFO. Joe and Jack are fantastic entertainers, super knowledgeable and they’re not afraid to share their opinions. They’ll be a great addition to the KSFO lineup.”

⏩The KGO On-Air Lineup (effective March 2)

6:00am-10:00am The Morning Show with Nikki Medoro
10:00am-Noon The Mark Thompson Show
Noon-3:00pm      The Pat Thurston Show
3:00pm-6:00pm The Chip Franklin Show
6:00pm-9:00pm The John Rothman Show
9:00pm-Midnight The John Batchelor Show

The KSFO On-Air Lineup (effective March 2)

6:00am-9:00am The Armstrong & Getty Show
9:00am-Noon       The Rush Limbaugh Show
Noon-2:00pm       The Michael Savage Show
2:00pm-3:00pm The Ben Shapiro Show
3:00pm-6:00pm The Mark Levin Show
6:00pm-9:00pm The Dave Ramsey Show
9:00pm-Midnight  The Sean Hannity Show

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