Wednesday, July 10, 2024

YouTube Music Experiments With AI Generated Radio

After Spotify embraced its AI DJ, YouTube Music is experimenting with ways to allow users to use AI to generate new playlists. A prompt for users says “ask for music any way you like” with suggested prompts based on previous listening history. YouTube Music indicates that the new feature is experimental—so it may not be available to everyone yet, reports Digital Music News.

Users can enter a prompt either by text or using their voice, while the app itself will provide a list of suggested prompts to get you started. Some of the suggested prompts include ‘catchy pop choruses,’ ‘epic soundtracks,’ ‘upbeat pop anthems,’ and ‘Moscow rock scene.’ YouTube Music will generate a playlist from the prompt inside the app, with the prompt used as the station name.

The feature isn’t dissimilar to YouTube Music’s playlist generation for specific genres like ‘90s Sing-A-Long’ but the ability to specify specific aspects is new. A prompt like ‘90s feel good tunes from movies’ would theoretically only play songs from 90s movies (if the AI gets it right).

So who is this for? Some insight into Spotify’s AI DJ statistics lend some clues. 87% of people who use the Spotify AI DJ belong to the Gen Z and Millennial age groups—or people under 40. Users who spent time with the AI DJ spent 25% of their time engaging with the AI DJ directly and 50% of those returned the next day to do the same.

While YouTube Music does not have an AI generated DJ to provide music information yet, it does seem like something the company is trending towards. Meanwhile, is turning AI-assisted radio on its head with his new service that aims to make radio a truly interactive experience for users, rather than just passive listening.

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