Monday, July 8, 2024

Insight: Podcasts, AM/FM radio = 90% of Tuning Minutes

Edison Research’s quarterly “Share of Ear” study is the authoritative examination of time spent with audio in America. Edison surveys 4,000 Americans annually to measure daily reach and time spent with all forms of audio. This analysis focuses on what advertisers care about – ad-supported audio. 

A recent Cumulus Media | Westwood One Audio Active Group® blog outlines six key findings from the just released Q1 2024 study.
  1. In a typical day, ad-supported digital audio reaches only a third of America; AM/FM radio reaches two-thirds of America
  2. Between ad-supported Spotify and AM/FM radio, most people only listen to AM/FM radio
  3. Between ad-supported Pandora and AM/FM radio, most people only listen to AM/FM radio
  4. The U.S. ad-supported audio clock: Podcasts and AM/FM radio represent nearly 90% of tuning minutes
  5. With a towering in-car share of 86%, AM/FM radio is the primary way to reach consumers on the path to purchase
  6. Among registered voters across the political spectrum, AM/FM radio is the dominant ad-supported audio platform

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