Tuesday, September 26, 2023

WI Radio: Shaun Ridderbush To Pull Shifts On WVTY, WMBZ

Shaun Ridderbush

Milwaukee personality Shaun “Ridder” Ridderbush is back on the radio. Ridder is on WVTY 92.1 VTY Country from 8A–12P and WMBZ 92.5 Buzz Country from 10A–2P.

Magnum Media’s WVTY broadcasts from Racine which covers the southern to central part of the Milwaukee Market and 92.5 Buzz Country from West Bend which covers the northern to central portion. The two stations can also be heard by downloading the free Magnum Media app, on vtycountry.com and buzzcountry.com plus via TuneIn and Alexa.

“Ridder” said, “Between VTY and Buzz we cover a lot of territory. I’m excited to be back on the air connecting with people. I’d done it for seven years, so I really missed it. The great people of the Milwaukee area are my life. My life is here, and I never want to leave. So, this fit feels sooo good.”

Dave Magnum stated, “We found out during Ridder’s first week with us how dedicated he is. One of the days he wasn’t able to work from a studio, so he did his shows from his truck. We knew about his CMA recognition, that he’s fast paced, topical, and engaging, but that made us smile even more.”

In addition to his radio gig with Magnum Media, Ridder has a YouTube channel dedicated to kayak bass fishing called Return2Wild with Shawn Ridder.

92.1 WVTY New Weekday Line-Up:
  • 4-8A Reid & Chelsey Magnum
  • 8A-12P Ridder
  • 12-2P Mitch Morgan
  • 2-4P Van McNeil
  • 4-7P Steph Peters
  • 7P-12A The Big Time with Whitney Allen

92.5 WMBZ New Weekday Line-Up:
  • 4-8A Reid & Chelsey Magnum
  • 8-10A Bill Mitchell
  • 10A-2P Ridder
  • 2-4P Steph Peters
  • 4-7P Mitch Morgan
  • 7P-12A The Big Time with Whitney Allen

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