Monday, September 25, 2023

Phoenix Radio: Ben Campbell Talks Life After KNIX-FM

When Ben Campbell disappeared from the “The Tim, Ben & Brooke Show” on KNIX-FM earlier this year, neither he nor the station offered any explanation.

Months later, Campbell said he’s still not sure what happened, according to

“I mean, I don't think it was anything I did,” Campbell said recently. “It wasn't like I went out and put a sack of puppies in a bag and threw them over a bridge. I didn't do anything like that, not that I know of, I mean. I could be annoying, I guess at times for some, but can't we all, right?”

More seriously, Campbell said he couldn’t talk much about it. 

“I've gotten kind of a deal where I can't really say anything negative toward iHeartMedia (the company that owns KNIX). But you know, I'll preface the whole conversation by saying I don't have anything negative to say, anyway. It just is what it is. I was released from my contract and really wasn't given a reason why. …

“It's just after a long time, I guess, it was just going in a different direction. So you know, God bless them and they can do what they want to do. It’s their house. They can paint it however they want to paint it.”

Campbell hasn’t looked back since. At least not much.

“Yeah, no regrets or any animosity there whatsoever,” he said.

Campbell is best known to his Phoenix audience as a radio host. And why wouldn’t he be? He co-hosted “The Tim, Ben and Brooke Show” on KNIX with Tim Hattrick and Brooke Hoover weekday mornings from 2016 until his exit. Before that he co-hosted “The Ben and Matt Show” with Matt McAllister; Campbell and McAllister were named personalities of the year by the Academy of Country Music in 2009 and the Country Music Association in 2015.

“My whole schtick is impressions,” Campbell said. “That's how I got into this business. I am a celebrity impressionist. … What kept me in radio for almost 30 years, I think, is I had a schtick. I had an angle.”


  1. Not sure why he lost is job, but it probably wasn’t about dead puppies! Very Trump!

  2. Your SHTICK will always get you in trouble. Good luck!