Wednesday, September 27, 2023

David Berson To Succeed Sean McManus At CBS Sports

Sean McManus, one of the most integral executives in TV history, will retire as the chairman of CBS Sports early next year, The NY Post has learned.

McManus will be succeeded by his longtime No. 2, David Berson, who will retain his president’s title and add CEO of the division.

McManus, Berson

McManus began as the head of CBS Sports in 1996.

Two years later, McManus defined his legacy by leading CBS’ re-acquisition of the NFL package in 1998.

In 1993, before McManus was at the helm, CBS lost its rights to NFC games to Fox.

In the aftermath of losing the NFL, CBS, as a network, plummeted in the ratings, but its fortunes changed when football returned to Sundays.

Nearly a quarter-century later, the NFL is still at the core of CBS Sports and Paramount+’s plans — which also includes March Madness, the Masters and major college football.

McManus will stay on through the Super Bowl, which is on CBS, and the Masters.

“The timing just feels right to me,” McManus, 68, told The Post. “I’m proud of the fact that George [Cheeks, CBS president] and Bob Bakish, [president of Paramount Global] are in complete agreement that this timing is perfect. So I feel really good about it, and I have total and complete faith in David.”

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