Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Disney Reputation Slumping

Disney Reputation Slumps

Disney has taken a significant reputational hit since the feud with Florida's governor, Ron DeSantis, began last year - with the entertainment conglomerate ranked the fifth most polarizing brand of 100 in a new poll, according to The Daily Mail.

Analysts surveyed 16,310 Americans between March 13-28 to ask their views on the top brands in the United States.

The results were published on Tuesday as the Axios Harris Poll 100, and showed Disney being buffeted by the storms unleashed in Florida.

While Disney's popularity rose with Democrats, it plummeted among Republicans.

Among Democrats, the Reputational Quotient - calculated by asking people to rate factors such as vision and leadership, financial performance, social responsibility and workplace environment - jumped to 80.3 out of 100, from 72.5 a year before.

Among Republicans, the Reputational Quotient fell 14 points from 75, down to 61.

The sharply diverging assessment meant that Disney was the fifth most polarizing brand of 100, as measured by the gap between the assessments of Republican and Democratic respondents.

Disney's overall score was 70.9 out of a possible 100 - down from 73.4 in 2022.

'The lesson here is that when you divide you subtract,' said Harris Poll CEO John Gerzema.

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