Saturday, September 11, 2021

CRS Adds Pittman, Field To 'Heads of State' Panel

CRS has announced the addition of iHeartMedia CEO Bob Pittman and Audacy CEO David Field to the newly formed panel for the CRS Heads of State Series to be held during CRS 2022 on February 23-25, 2022. Field and Pittman join the list of the industry's most high-profile executives who are already announced.

Featuring a mix of the industry’s most prominent leaders and highest-profile CEOs, The panel also includes:
  • Caroline Beasley (CEO/Beasley)
  • Ginny Morris (CEO/Hubbard)
  • Bob Profitt (CEO/Alpha Media)
  • Bill Wilson (CEO/Townsquare) 
  • Scott Borchetta (President/CEO, BMLG)
  • Mike Dungan (Chairman/CEO, UMG)
  • John Esposito (Chairman/CEO, WMN)
  • Randy Goodman (Chairman/CEO, Sony)
  • Jon Loba (President, BMG).
  • Joel Denver (All Access Media Group)
  • Erica Farber (RAB)
  • Lon Helton (Country Aircheck/Country Countdown USA)
  • Mike McVay (McVay Media) 
The “CRS Heads Of State Series” will usher attendees into the corner office of the biggest radio and label companies for daily exclusive, one-on-one conversations.

CRS Executive Director, RJ Curtis, commented, "In just two eventful, arduous years, the Country music industry has undergone disruption, challenges, revival, and innovation that have and will continue to reshape the world and our business as we know it. It's time to hear what insights leaders of our genre - the 'Heads Of State' - have to say about all that, to share what they know, and forecast where all of us are headed. CRS is the ideal venue for these candid conversations, and we'll do it one-on-one every day at CRS '22. Do not miss these important sessions!"

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