Thursday, November 14, 2019

Nielsen Report: All Ages Listen To Radio

Nielsen has released a new report from it 'Audio Today' series and this one highlights radio in Medium and Small Markets.

The new, in-depth report profiles radio audiences by age, gender, employment and other factors. The report finds consumers in medium and small markets tune to radio at all ages on a monthly basis. 98% of adults 18+ use radio monthly in these markets. 94% of adults 18-34 do, as well, along with 99% of adults aged 25-to-54.

Brad Kelly, Managing Director for Nielsen Audio believe radio's remarkable staying power can be attributed to  “legacy” matters. "As the original electronic media, local radio broadcasters have decades invested in community building. They’re part of the fabric of small-town living. The county fair, high school football, local festivals, neighborhood events of all descriptions — radio has always been there, bringing communities together. People value and appreciate the sense of stability and common experience. Especially today it counts for something.

"Another reason for radio’s sustainability is that it’s everywhere, it’s convenient, and it’s free. Nearly every American on the road, in markets big and small, appreciates the convenience of having radio at their fingertips. In-car listening is radio’s pillar of strength. That fact has not been lost on advertisers who want to deliver their message to a captive audience."

The report notes that no matter the day or time, advertisers can reach their target audience through radio in medium and small markets.

Because radio is a daily companion for consumers there. It helps them start their day usually in the 6 or 7 a.m. hour, accompanies them to work, and then peaks around the end of the workday or commute home. Teenagers use radio in similar patterns at the beginning and end of the day with reduced listening during school hours. On weekends, usage is slightly different without the demands of work and school driving the daily routine. Weekend listening spikes in the middle of the day, when consumers are most likely to be out of the house.

Also, A large amount of radio use that occurs away from home in medium and small markets, most of that listening happens in the car.

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The reports also shows 90% of podcast listeners and 92% of smart speaker owners are weekly radio listeners.

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