Friday, May 30, 2014

Judge Rules Daughter Can See Casey Kasem

Casey, Kerri Kasem
Jean Kasem
Jean Kasem showed-up in court Friday, according to KING5.  And a Kitsap County, WA judge ruled Friday that the daughter of legendary DJ Casey Kasem must be allowed to visit her father, but that the visits must be kept private and no photos can be shared with anyone.

Kasem, 82, and his wife, Jean, have been staying with family friends in Kitsap County.

The dispute comes after a California judge ordered temporary guardianship of Kasem to his daughter Kerri, who has made this a public fight over custody of her father. She claims Jean, her stepmother, is hiding her dad and cutting the family out of his life.

There is concern over Kasem's health as he battles the late stages of a disease similar to Parkinson's. Jean says he has all of his proper medication and is being well cared for.

According to KING5, Judge Jennifer Forbes said Kerri must be allowed to see her father at least one hour per day, but the time and location of those visits must be kept private. She is also allowed to take photos, but Forbes ordered Kerri to not share them with anyone – not even family – because they could get out into the public.

Liberty Kasem
Jean appeared under a court order or could have faced a warrant for her arrest. She was accompanied by Liberty Kasem, her daughter with Casey.

Jean’s attorneys requested a continuance until June 20, but Forbes shortened that to next Friday, June 6, unless the family chooses to return Casey to California.

Forbes also ruled that Casey’s future care will be determined by a medical professional, whether it’s putting Casey in the hospital, giving him 24-hour care or something else.

(photos of Jean, Liberty courtesy of KING5)

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