Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Houston Radio: Charlie Pallilo Explains Why He's Out At KFNC

Charlie Pallilo
Longtime Houston sports talk host Charlie Pallilo, whose run on ESPN affiliate KFNC 97.5 FM ended in February, explained the circumstances of his mid-day show’s demise Monday, according to The Houston Chronicle.

In a new column on the Sportsmap website that is one of KFNC owner Gow Media’s platforms, Pallilo said his departure came after an outside consultant was allowed to make changes to the station’s programming.

“Replacing me was one of his changes,” Pallilo wrote. “I wasn’t pleased with how it went down, but life happens.”

KFNC was the fourth station Pallilo has hosted a show on in Houston. The Syracuse University alumnus arrived in the city in 1989 and has had stints at KTRH 740 AM, KILT 610 AM and KBME 790 AM.

When his latest show ended, Pallilo didn't close the door on continuing with Gow Media, which he will do with his occasional column.

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