Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Insights: Radio Smart Speaker Pre-rolls Build Awareness

The Southeast Michigan Ford Dealers Association piloted a campaign on the smart speaker, a new AM/FM radio platform. When consumers asked their smart speakers to play one of the Cumulus Detroit radio stations, a 15-second pre-roll ad ran before the online audio stream of the AM/FM radio station launched. 

This week’s Westwood One blog explains why the smart speaker was such a good fit for the association and outlines the effects of the campaign.
  • Smart speaker ownership soars and brings AM/FM back into the home: Per Edison’s “Share of Ear” study, smart speakers have surged 5X in ownership, increasing from 7% in 2017 to 35% as of Q3 2020.
  • Smart speakers represent 24% of all online listening to Cumulus stations: Over the past four years, the smart speaker has grown to represent nearly a quarter (24%) of all online listening to Cumulus stations.
  • Smart speaker ownership profile: Upscale, employed, and educated: According to Nielsen Scarborough, the profile of the smart speaker owner skews employed and professional, and over-indexes on college-educated, with $100K+ household income.
  • AM/FM radio is number one in ad-supported audio share on American smart speakers, according to Edison’s “Share of Ear.”
  • Smart speaker users are an ideal audio audience to reach in-market auto buyers: Per Nielsen Scarborough, U.S. smart speaker owners are an unbelievable media platform to reach American new car buyers. Smart speaker owners are 26% more likely to be in the market for a new vehicle in the next 12 months.
  • Consumers exposed to the Cumulus smart speaker pre-roll ads were more likely to be aware of the Southeast Michigan Ford Dealers Association: Smart speaker listeners to Cumulus stations were +24% more likely to say they were “extremely familiar or very familiar” with the Southeast Michigan Ford Dealers Association, 42% exposed versus 34% unexposed.
  • Likelihood of visiting a Ford dealer in the next 3 months was +63% greater among those exposed to the smart speaker pre-roll ads.

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