Saturday, January 9, 2021

Consumers Want Warm And Cuddly Ads

Bud Puppy Commercial

People respond most to ads with emotional resonance, and the same is probably true of marketing emails, reports Mediapost citing a new survey by a Vancouver-based marketing performance management company.

Shoppers particularly like to see ads that reflect: 

  • Inspiration — 42%
  • Joy — 40% 
  • Love — 38%
  • Hope — 34% 

But some won’t buy if an ad incites:

  • Sadness — 7%
  • Fear — 8%
  • Anger — 8%
  • Annoyance — 6% 

In line with the above, shoppers cited these ads as having the biggest emotional impact on them:

  • Budweiser’s holiday puppy commercials — 28%
  • Google’s “Loretta” commercial (where a man asks Google Assistant to remember details about his late wife) — 25% 
  • Nike’s social justice commercial for the Black Lives Matter movement — 24%

Of the consumers polled, 73% want brands to incorporate more diversity into their campaigns this year. 

Of those polled, 50% say social media ads spark gift ideas, and 44% that social ads remind them of products they want or need.  But TV commercials have the greatest impact with consumers—54% say so. In contrast, 36% say the same about social media ads and 15% about radio.

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