Wednesday, May 1, 2019

'Uptown Funk' Scores With Pro & Anti-Trumpers

Market research firm Coleman Insights has released the results of a new project, "The Contemporary Music SuperStudy," which examines the appetite for contemporary music among 12- to 54-year-olds across the United States and Canada.

The study measures the appeal of the most consumed songs of 2018 based on radio airplay, streaming and sales data, as reported by Nielsen BDSradio. Using Nielsen's chart data as the foundational data set for this research study, Coleman Insights is releasing its full findings in its Tuesdays With Coleman blog post "Bruno Mars is the Great Unifier."

Below are highlights of the findings:
  • Country significantly over-performs with Trump supporters, while Hip Hop/R&B performs dramatically better among those with negative perceptions of the president than among those who support him
  • Despite marked differences in music tastes, Trump supporters and detractors agree on the same No. 1 song overall: "Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars
  • The contemporary song Americans and Canadians like least is "Gucci Gang" by Lil Pump
Additional insights from the landmark study include:
  • Hip Hop/R&B is the most consumed genre of 2018 and invokes the most passion but is significantly polarizing
  • Pop is the one sound that fans of all other contemporary styles find appealing
  • Hip Hop/R&B performs much better with daily music streaming service users than it does with daily radio users, while the opposite is true with Country.
Coleman Insights President Warren Kurtzman says, "This study demonstrates that many factors — age, gender, ethnicity, geography and political views — influence our music tastes. It also shows how Pop music may be the one thing we can all agree upon, as epitomized by the massive and enduring popularity of "Uptown Funk."

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