Thursday, October 1, 2015

Orlando Radio: iHM Places The Top Three

Good programming continues to strengthen the brands of three iHeartMedia stations during the latest Nielsen PPMs for Orlando. Again WRUM is #1 (6+AQH Total Week, Total Persons) moving 6.8—7.4.

Clustermate AC WMGF 107.7 FM spiked with a 5.2—6.6 performance to take the runner-up spot and iHM's Top WXXL 106.7 FM wobbled a bit 6.6—6.4, but that's good enough for  #3 during September.

Last month, CBS Radio's Classic Hits WOCL 105.9 FM tied with Cox Media's Classic Hits WMMO 98.9 FM. However, WMMO dropped almost a full share in September 6.4—5.5, to leave Sunny 105.9 FM standing at #4 (6.4—6.3). The #5 spot is held by Cox Media's WCFB 94.5 FM which had a nice showing 5.4—6.2.

Orlando September 6+ Shares Total Week, Total Persons

25-54: WRUM...WTKS tied WCFB...WXXL...WMGF

18-34: WXXL...WPYO...WRUM tied WMGF...WWKA

18-49: WXXL...WRUM...WTKS tied WCFB...WMGF

Cume: WMGF-FM 531,600...WXXL-FM 520,900...WOMX-FM 442,600...WMMO-FM 437,400...WOCL-FM 380,600

Monsters In The Morning Real Radio 104.1 FM
Top 5 Morning Shows 25-54:
  1. The Monsters WTKS Real Radio 104.1 FM
  2. Johnny's House WXXL 106.7 FM
  3. Obie & Lil' Shawn Morning Show WPYO 95.3 FM
  4. Steve Harvey WCFB 94.5 FM tied John Musa & Jenny Castillo WRUM 100.3 FM

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