Thursday, October 1, 2015

17-Year-old Believed To Be Youngest Syndicated Talker

Caiden Cowger
Radio talk show host Caiden Cowger has become the youngest nationally syndicated radio host in the history of talk radio.

This month, Cowger was picked up by his fourth terrestrial station affiliate WXMB 101.5 FM in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The Caiden Cowger Program also airs on WSFB 1490 AM 97.7 T-FM  in Quitman, GA, WBUC 1460 AM in Buckhannon, WV and others.

“It is a great honor and also very humbling,” Cowger told The High School Conservative. “I owe everything that I have been able to accomplish to God, for putting the right people in my life, helping to make my show a success.”

“Bryan Fischer and Jeff Reed with American Family Radio have both provided me with much encouragement and support though my broadcasting career, along with my other good friends and fellow radio hosts Jayson Veley and Jimmy Zulz,” Cowger stated. “I also owe much gratitude to Brad Allen and Dale Miller of WV Radio, Patrick and Ron Dozler of WXMB-FM and Premo Mondone of the Red State Talk Radio Network for their generous support by airing our programming.”

Until this year, Ben Ferguson was recognized as being the youngest nationally syndicated radio personality in the United States, getting his start on radio at the age of 13 and becoming nationally syndicated at the age of 20.

“When I was around 7 or 8, I remember going into one of our local bookstores and picking up his book ‘It’s My America Too,'” Cowger told The High School Conservative. “I remember thinking, ‘Wow, it would really be cool to do something like that;’ About 5 years later, I began my radio career.”

“While it was Rush Limbaugh who inspired me to get involved by hosting a radio show, Ben Ferguson’s book was the small spark that lead to my interest in radio broadcasting.”

Cowger first stated hosting his radio show at the age of 12, becoming nationally syndicated at 17.

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