Thursday, March 30, 2017

More Evidence Emerges That Pandora Is Losing TSL

Recent trends - supported by a number of independent research companies - including Bridge Ratings - confirm music streaming service Pandora is experiencing attrition in time-spent using the service and its number of weekly visits is decreasing as well.

Dave Van Dyke
Bridge Ratings has been tracking Pandora consumption since 2007 and the increasingly improving landscape of streaming services is contributing to Pandora’s audience attrition.

According to Dave Van Dyke, President/CEO at Bridge Ratings, he has found that much of the erosion is credited to Spotify and, in particular, as fans of streaming music platforms become familiar with both Pandora and Spotify, they are becoming more sophisticated in the manner in which they use these platforms.

An increasing number of music streaming consumers are utilizing more than one platform to satisfy their listening preferences and our latest study exposes how Spotify has stunted Pandora’s growth.

This latest study includes what streamies (users of steaming music platforms) deem to be the most important features of a streaming service, how many Pandora users have added Spotify to their streaming service choices and compares user satisfaction scores between the two services.

Click on this link to go direct to the study or go to our website at and click on “Pandora vs Spotify Satisfaction Study”.

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