Wednesday, March 29, 2017

RTDNA Unveils What Stations Are Doing Online

The first of nine installments for this year in a series of reports developed from RTDNA's annual survey of newsrooms across the United States has been released.

Professor Emeritus at Hofstra University, Bob Papper, indicated he'll be releasing reports every two weeks, including what's new online, social media and mobile strategies, television and radio budgets and profits, stations doing news, news director profiles, and our most popular areas of research; broadcast newsroom staffing, women and minorities in newsrooms, and newsroom salaries.

The station's online survey highlights:
  • The most important new things stations are doing online
  • Must-haves and optionals for station websites
  • Exclusive web content and user-generated content
In radio, the percentage saying they started something important online in 2016 rose by 8.5 to 55.5%.

 More than two-thirds of non-commercial stations said they started something new, and over half of commercial stations said the same.  The bigger the staff and the larger the local group, the more likely that the station started something new online.  Market size had little to do with it, although the smallest markets were a little behind all the others.

 This year, more than a 120 radio news directors and general managers explained what they did.  The top answer, at 31.4%, related to streaming.  Half said streaming, including 24 hour streaming, streaming events, newscasts and video; half referenced Facebook Live… which included events, more coverage, news teases and special broadcasts.

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