Saturday, April 1, 2017

Matt Drudge Joins Michael Savage To Celebrate Birthday

Matt Drudge, the editor of the highly influential Drudge Report, visited Michael Savage’s San Francisco-based national radio show in-studio Friday to celebrate the talk host’s 75th birthday.

After sharing Chinese food with Savage, Drudge got behind “The Savage Nation” mic and took a couple of calls, declaring, “We’re trying to save this young Trump administration.”

“I do think there is a crisis, on many fronts,” Drudge said. “Is some of it of his own making?”

According to, Drudge said he suspects Congress is deliberately sabotaging Trump.

Drudge and Savage talked about their more than two decades in media, with Drudge launching his website 22 years ago and Savage one year earlier.

“It’s been a heckuva a ride. It just feels like yesterday. It just feels like a blink of an eye,” Drudge said.

Drudge noted Savage began his radio career at the age of 52.

“For everybody out there who is in midlife, look at what this man did with his 50s and 60s,” Drudge said.

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