Tuesday, March 28, 2017

NH Radio: Personalities Buy N/T WSMN 1590 AM

Nashua’s local radio station has changed ownership, bringing with it plans to add more local programming and a refocus on the community.

The Union-Leader reports business partners George Russell and Bob Bartis have acquired WSMN 1590 AM from Thomas Monahan’s Absolute Broadcasting. The purchase closed on March 16, creating the newly formed Bartis-Russell Broadcasting.

“I have been doing local radio here for over a decade, and I understand the importance of local radio,” said Russell, a radio personality who has been broadcasting on WSMN for 12 years.

Bob Bartis, George Russell
When he learned that Monahan was interested in letting go of the station and wanted Russell to somehow continue its mission, Russell teamed up with Bartis, an attorney who hosts a NASCAR show and legal segment on WSMN.

“I know local radio works — it gets the whole community involved,” said Russell, adding he hopes the 60-year-old station will be successful for another six decades and beyond.

His main objective is to eliminate all of the station’s syndicated programming and replace it with local hosts — a goal he believes is attainable. The new business partners also hope to add an FM simulcast.

Although they did not reveal the purchase price of the radio station, Russell said it was a six-figure number. Broadcasting is in his blood, he said, adding he feels a responsibility to the community to provide consistent talk radio that offers local news.

WSMN 1590 AM (5 Kw DA)
There are only two employees at the studio — Russell and Bartis. However, there are several other volunteers and interns who fulfill the team and help make its operations a success, according to Russell.

“This is a 24-hour gig. You have to love it,” he said.

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