Saturday, April 1, 2017

NYC Radio: MLB Mets Radio Producer Is 'Iron Man'

Chris Majkowski
There is a member of the Mets organization who’s amassed a longer streak than The Iron Man himself.

More than 1,000 games longer, and counting, according to the NY Daily News.

His name is Chris Majkowski, and he’s been the man behind the scenes of the Mets’ WOR 710 AM radio broadcast for nearly 25 years. Entering the 2017 season, Majkowski, a producer and radio engineer, has worked 3,759 consecutive games. Cal Ripken Jr.’s MLB-record streak ended at 2,632 games.

The last time Majkowski missed a contest was Aug. 7, 1993. That day, the Mets played a double-header against the Pirates, and Majkowski was forced to attend his oldest sister’s wedding — though he still arrived at Shea Stadium in the morning to help set up the equipment. “There was no wiggle room there with Mom,” he said.

Since then, Majkowski has attended and worked every Mets game, both at home and on the road, producing for the likes of broadcasters Bob Murphy, Gary Cohen and Howie Rose. He’s humble about his achievement. “I’m just showing up for work,” he said. “It’s not rocket science.” But each day of his job now comes with added motivation: Miss a game, and The Streak dies.

“There have been some things with family functions or other things where I’d be like, ‘Boy, you know, I would really like to go there,’” Majkowski told the Daily News. “But I got 20 years invested in this thing, and now it’s getting toward (25). Now I’ve got these years, and what am I going to do?”

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